Luxury Handmade Energetic Jewelry

From time immemorial, handcrafted jewelry made from precious and semi precious stones has been used not only as ornaments but also as talismans thanks to its energetic properties: balancing, harmonizing, energizing, healing abilities...

With this spirit in mind, and inspired by her travels, experience in the fashion industry, and passion for handmade jewelry with magnetism, Gabriela Basso started elajoyas in Barcelona in 2000. elajoyas is specialized in fine exclusive energetic jewelry where creativity and uniqueness are fused with the meanings of precious and semi precious stones.

All elajoyas designs and unique jewelry collections -see them in the above menu-, are of the highest quality and have an excellent finish thanks to the collaboration of local artisans who help create every single piece.

Other specialties are custom made jewelry designs and transformation of ancient jewelry into new one, where any new creation is tailored to the lifestyle, metal and precious stones preferences of each client.

Enjoy your visit, take a close look at the collections, and receive updated information by joining any of the social media networks you find above.

Mar 8

Women talismans. Bulgari and Tiffany´s fine jewelry collections

Bulgari and Tiffany, fine jewelry talismans.

In past articles I´ve showed you three collections of fine jewelry pieces considered real talismans and I have also spoken about the moonstone, a gem considered a true protective amulet for pregnant and adventurous women.

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