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Unique wedding bands for a special occasion

Gold, silver and brilliant customized wedding bands

After last year´s exhibition in Mallorca, two new Clients commissioned a pair of unique wedding bands for their April 2012 Wedding.

Initially we all three met at my showroom. I needed to know them better, see their hands, understand their personal styles and personality trends in order to design a real customized pair of wedding bands. Read more

Anthropologie: a luxury bohemian inspiration for my jewel designs

Inspirations for elajoyas unique jewelry designs.

This post is about Anthropologie, a brand in whose stores I find inspirations for my unique jewelry designs.

Enter one of its stores and I promise you will be travelling around the world. The way they create environments at Anthropologie, the smells, the music and the decoration. It´s all unique and inspiring!.

elajoyas, luxury jewelry, handmade jewelry Read more

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