Monthly archive - June 2012

Fashion photography shooting: new jewelry collection

First fashion photography shooting with model.

Elajoyas unique jewelry collection first fashion photography shooting with model has been a great experience and a total success.

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Coral jewelry: coral rings, coral necklace & coral earring

Unique coral jewelry designs: rings, necklace and earrings.

Did you know that Coral is June´s gemstone?. Do you want to know which are Coral´s gemstone energetic properties and see if this semi precious stone works right for you? In this post I talk about new unique coral jewelry designs I have just created and are perfect for summer, and I help you decide how to combine them.

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Silver and Ruby unique bracelet. Join and participate to win it !

Silver and ruby bracelet raffle by elajoyas.

Would you like to win the below Silver and Ruby elajoyas bracelet? You can do it until June the 17th. It´s easy!

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You have several choices. Either follow the below instructions or join elajoyas facebook page or elajoyas on pinterest and follow the intructions you will find there.

If you choose to participate here, follow these next steps:

1. From the following list, choose your favorite gemstone (Turquoise, Coral, Blue Sapphire or Ruby)

2. On the comment section at the end of this post write down your preffered gemstone of the four with you name.

3. Once done the above join elajoyas newsletter (you´ll find it on the top right pannel) and help spread the word by sharing this post.

On June the 18th, elajoyas will raffle this Silver and Ruby bracelet between those elajoyas followers that have joined the newsletter and chose the most preferred by everybody gemstone of the four.

Good luck to everybody and thanks for participating!