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Luxury jewelry transformation | From a Cartier to an elajoyas unique diamond ring

Transforming an old platinum Cartier ring into a modern elajoyas one.

A Client had a beautiful old platinum with diamonds Cartier ring. The ring belonged to her mother. She wanted to transform it into a modern one without loosing the emotional value this ring had for her. This is the story of an elajoyas jewelry transformation….

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elajoyas. Edged brilliants, diamond and plantinum open ring design. Pure Stone collection style

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Emerald stone and other summer luxury jewelry

Emerald stone earrings and other summer luxury jewelry designs.

Summer is a perfect moment of the year to shine wearing colored jewelry. Emerald stone jewelry designs as well as many other elajoyas energetic luxury jewelry can be a perfect choice.

emerald, stone emerald, luxury jewelry, turquoise jewelry, elajoyas, gemstone meanings

elajoyas. A fusion of Mandala, Pure Stone and Byzantine collection turquoise earrings

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Jewelry art: Ruby gemstone benefits and designs

Designing jewelry art with ruby gemstone.

I always design jewelry as it was art, being each creation unique and always taking into account the energetic benefits each gemstone provides us.

July is the month of ruby gemstome. This precious and magic stone has among others, the following energetic properties and benefits……

Ruby jewelry, gemstone ruby, Ruby gemstone benefits, fine art jewelry, jewelry art, elajoyas

Ruby cristals, Tanzania (photography obtained from Wikipedia)

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