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A pregnant women jewel

From the conversation between a Magic Fairy and a creative light comes 9 moons®, a unique jewel specially designed for the woman wishing to fall pregnant or who has already started to enjoy this special stage.
It is an exclusive jewel in its unique shape, by the Moonstone stone that shows and by the magical moments in which it is worn. It is the amulet that will accompany the future mom.

Why 9 moons®?

The Moonstone is the woman’s stone, this gem is related to the feminine energy and to its natural cycles rhythm. It symbolizes new beginnings and its energy is balancing.

This jewel’s silhouette reminds us of the baby that is inside during the 9 moons of Good Hope that lasts the pregnancy.

A unique and special jewel as the time living deserves.

9 moons can be custom made to fit every future mom’s taste. Both in gold aand silver, pave set diamonds in (which will energetically strengthen the Moonstone properties) in paved with ruby if it’s a babygirl or blue sapphires if it’s a babyboy.


How to wear 9 moons®

1. The woman who wishes to become pregnant will place its 9 moons ® in the height of the throat chakra to materialize the wish and encourage the conception.

2. Once pregnant, the pendant will be placed at the height of the heart chakra solar plexus in order to feel close that special moment.

3. When the belly has grown, the jewel will be placed in the height of the belly ring to protect both the mother and her baby and to help out the communication between them. After the birth, 9 moons ® will be kept in this position for the baby to play with when the mother holds the baby in her arms. This way, it will become, forever, a binding tie between them.

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