elajoyas, gabriela basso, energetic luxury jewelryAfter spending several years in the fashion industry working in New York with Oscar de la Renta, I created in 2000 my own luxury handmade jewelry brand back in Barcelona.

Using the energetic properties of gemstones, I design luxury jewelry collections (Byzantine, Mandala, Pure Stone, Men, Protective Bracelet, Wedding Rings) as well as custom desgins. Elajoyas jewelry designs are handmade in my studios of Barcelona and Mallorca, and are fully supported by national and international jewellers.

All elajoyas handmade jewelry designs utilise the highest quality gemstones and precious metals and are inspired by my trips to India, Morocco, Mexico, Italy, France and Mallorca, with each exclusive jewelry collection being influenced by the local metals, precious stones, and unique styles.

As well as my annual collections and events, I commission luxury energetic jewelry for clients to include earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, key rings, ornaments for bags, shoes and shirts. Transformation and modification of antique elegant jewelry are my specialities as well, together with styling and creation of luxury jewelry for special events and interior decorating services incorporating jewelry.

My popular markets are Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid, Mexico, Alicante, Las Palmas, Mallorca and Sao Paulo.

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