Best luxury and unique jewelry: The Golden Fleece (Toisón de Oro)

Best luxury and unique jewelry: The Golden Fleece (Toisón de Oro)

Repairing luxury jewelry: brilliants, rubis and diamond

I just had the pleasure and honor of receiving a top luxury jewelry commission.

The Golden Fleece, is considered one of the most distinguished jewel condecorations of the world. Having this wonderful unique jewelry in my hands has been an absolute luxury and pleasure.

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The Golden Fleece origins date back to the XVth century (although the true ancient ones go back to classical Greece). Currently, King Juan Carlos I de Borbón of Spain is the one who gives it to certain notable people whose brave actions are worthed the Toison de Oro. This unique jewel symbolizes prosperity among other things.

The are many notable people who have been condecorated with the Golden Fleece. The latest to receive it was French President Ms. Sarkozy for his help in fighting Spanish terrorism.

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Once the condecorated dies, this magnificient and noble jewel has to be returned to the King. The one I´ve had is a perfect copy of the original one. Once the condecorated died, his family decided to order a copy of the original Toison de Oro they have had for many years. Hence the sentimental value of this jewel was enormous.

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The above picture is the Golden Fleece at elajoyas showroom. As you can see, it is a majestic white gold handmade jewel, with more than 400 embedded brilliants, 100 pavé size rubies, a more than 3 ct diamond brilliant size in the center, and a white gold Fleece pendant.

elajoyas, luxury jewelry, handmade jewelry, elegant jewelry

We had to replace some of the lost brilliants and weld some lost pieces. We also gave it a rhodium bath to take off the darkness layer that covered most of this superb and unique jewel.

Well, hope you enjoy this post as much as I have enjoyed myself embellishin this original jewel.

What other superb world jewels do you know? Feel free to give your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below.


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