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Women talismans. Bulgari and Tiffany´s fine jewelry collections

Bulgari and Tiffany, fine jewelry talismans.

In past articles I´ve showed you three collections of fine jewelry pieces considered real talismans and I have also spoken about the moonstone, a gem considered a true protective amulet for pregnant and adventurous women.

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Fine jewelry talismans | Unique jewelry designs of the highest level

Exclusive jewelry designs considered talismans.

In recent articles I have showed you stones and amulets for pregnant and adventurous women, and goddesses and women’s protective talismans.  Today I want to talk about some fine jewelry pieces of true and unique charm. They are jewelry designs of exquisite beauty and execution, which should certainly be known by every woman who enjoys exclusivity, quality, and prodigious craftsmanship fine jewelry.

Unique GRAFF diamonds

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Goddesses, talismans and jewelry for pregnant women

Fertility and maternity goddesses.

For thousands of years women have used precious stones and their energies, goddesses, talismans and amulets hunging on their bodies in many ways, to help us increase our fertility and to protect our baby during the nine moons of Good Hope.

elajoyas. Pure stone collection ring. Gold and moonstone

elajoyas. Pure stone collection ring. Gold and moonstone

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