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Goddesses, talismans and jewelry for pregnant women

Fertility and maternity goddesses.

For thousands of years women have used precious stones and their energies, goddesses, talismans and amulets hunging on their bodies in many ways, to help us increase our fertility and to protect our baby during the nine moons of Good Hope.

elajoyas. Pure stone collection ring. Gold and moonstone

elajoyas. Pure stone collection ring. Gold and moonstone

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Luxury jewelry for intuitive and adventurous women

Luxury energetic jewelry. Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstone´s gem history

This elegant energetic gem known as Adularia or Selenite, is associated with the element water, and was very popular among the Romans, who believed that it was composed of moonlight rays.

Formerly it was said that amulets made of moonstone if hung on fruit helped produce abundant crops, and in India, moonstone is considered sacred and is dedicated to the goddess of the moon (Chandra).


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