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Luxury jewelry transformation | From a Cartier to an elajoyas unique diamond ring

Transforming an old platinum Cartier ring into a modern elajoyas one.

A Client had a beautiful old platinum with diamonds Cartier ring. The ring belonged to her mother. She wanted to transform it into a modern one without loosing the emotional value this ring had for her. This is the story of an elajoyas jewelry transformation….

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elajoyas. Edged brilliants, diamond and plantinum open ring design. Pure Stone collection style

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Luxury handmade jewelry design: elegant energetic brooch

New luxury jewelry by ela: Brooch-Pendant

This is a new handmade unique jewel designed by ela. From my traditional luxury jewelry transformations, I got the idea of ​​giving more than one use to a very elegant jewel.  I had a sterling silver handmade pendant that could also be used as a brooch.

For my mandala handmade jewelry collection, I had designed handmade necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Then, why not a beautiful pendant – brooch?

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Exclusive luxury jewelry design: Transforming ancient into new jewels

Anillo bizantino de oro y jade

This is an example of a unique luxury jewelry transformation I have just designed for a Client.

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