Exclusive handmande jewelry

All of my luxury jewelry designs have three charateristics in common. They are all handmade unique and exclusive jewelry designs; all the jewels I design are handcrafted with high quality metals and gemstones (both precious and semi precious); all the designs are based on the energetic properties of stones.

I am constantly working on the elaboration and creation of new exclusive jewelry collections and custom designs. My universe is quite wide: handmade silver and golg rings , handmade silver necklaces, handmade silver and gold bracelets, pins…; and I work with a diverse range on high quality gemstones.

New luxury jewellery designs will be published on these pages as soon as they are handcrafted.

Should you be interested in buying or exhibiting any of my handmade jewelry designs, please contact me filling in the form in the top menu of this web.

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