Jewellery transformation

Transforming old jewels into new and unique ones


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Throughout our lives we keep jewelry that has marked key moments: a baptism, communion, birthday, wedding, the legacy of a loved one, a present… It’s jewelry we used to enjoy, but with the passage of time and for many other reasons we would like to renew. A great way to wear them again is by transforming them into new and unique jewelry.

These are some of the advantatges of transforming a old jewel into a new one:

  • It allows you to keep the metal and the stones of the old jewel;
  • You will enjoy a new and unique jewel;
  • Your preserve the essence and sentimental value of the old jewel;
  • It represents important savings compared to buying a new jewel;

Read the following elajoyas energetic jewelry blog posts to see some jewelry transformation examples:

You can transform the old jewel design, basing the new one on any of my unique jewelry collections, (Byzantine, Mandala, Pure Stone or Men jewelry);

Bracelets made into rings, cufflinks into earrings, rings into new ones, broaches transformed into pendants … it is only a matter of creativity and enthusiasm!

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