Luxury jewelry sales events and exhibitions by elajoyas

These are the pictures of some luxury jewelry sales events and exhibitions elajoyas has made over the last few years.

Each year I normally make various luxury jewelry events in different cities and countries. These exclusive and elegant jewelry events are either invidual or collective.

The collective ones I do them with other luxury jewelry designers, fine art artists, or exclusive fashion designers. With fashion designers I normally create a special and custom unique jewelry collection that will be perfectly adapted to the fashion designs showned, but never loosing ela´s own luxury and unique styles.

The indivual ones I choose the city and spaces (elegant hotels, concept stores, private houses…) that are coherent with ela´s luxury jewelry styles. In these events I show new and unique jewelry designs of my energetic handmade jewelry collections (Mandala jewelry, Byzantine jewelry , Pure Stone jewelry, Men jewelry), and I advice Clients on the energetic properties of gemstones so that the designs they buy fit their energetic needs.

If you are a fashion designer, fine art artist, or concept store representative and would like to do an event together, feel free to contact me explaining your ideas.

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