Garnet stone jewelry; luxury jewelry for a passionate woman

Garnet stone jewelry; luxury jewelry for a passionate woman

Garnet stone: history, energetic properties, luxury jewelry…

The Persians used garnet gemstone (january´s gem) againts lightnings and fever. They highly valued this energetical gemstone  as a charm, called it “Lion garnet”, and thought it was the petrified blood of a god that granted the power of invulnerability to those wearing it.  The Greeks and Romans believed it had magical qualities.

garnet gemstone, granat stone

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Energetic properties of garnet

Garnet is a very energizing and regenerating stone that revitalizes, purifies and balances energy and passion, bringing serenity when appropriate. It inspires love and devotion, balances the sex drive and alleviates emotional disharmony.

It is a useful semi precious gem to have in times of crisis, and it´s particularly useful in situations where there appears to be output. It strengthens and activates the survival instinct bringing courage. Under its influence, a crisis becomes a challenge to overcome.

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Psychologically speaking it sharpens your own perceptions both with yourself and others, dissolves deeply ingrained behavior patterns that no longer serve you, and helps to overcome resistance and unconscious sabotage. Mentally, it helps to abandon old obsolete ideas.

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From a healing point of view it helps the body to regenerate stimulating the metabolism. It treats, spinal and celular problems, purifies and reenergyzes the blood.

Garnet stone, varieties and locations where it is found

Almadino garnet, andradite, grossularite, hessonite, melanite, pyrope, rhodolite, spessartine, Uvarovite garnet red.
Garnet gemstone is found in many places aroud the world. The ones used in Europe in the late nineteenth century came primarily from the fields beside Treibnitz Bohemia, where it has been mined since the Bronze Age. Today it is mainly found in South Africa, Brazil, Australia, USA, Mexico and Myanmar. The almandine garnet is mined primarily in Sri Lanka, Mozambique, India, Madagascar, Brazil, Alaska and Greenland.

The most appreciated is the rhodolite garnet, whose color ranges from pink to purplish red. It is mined in Africa, India, Sri Lanka and the United States.

What type of woman wears garnet stone jewelry and how to combine it?

Perfect for a passionate, elegant woman with a great personality, and for the professionally active and enterprising ones with business acumen. From a healing point of view this superb gemstone helps those women with circulatory and spinal problems.

elajoyas. Garnet luxury jewelry, garnet jewelry

elajoyas. Garnet and silver pendant

You can wear garnet luxury jewelry both daily for its ability to regenerate, strengthen and transmit energy, as well as in a single night of passion when you may need extra strength. It can perfectly be combined with a casual and comfortable look, and also at night for a cocktail or special evening. In winter it goes well with shades of gray, brown and black… With dark tones it brings color and brightness, and in summer with yellow it is groundbreaking for the contrast of tones.

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