Luxury and elegant jewelry: Mexican silver jewel inspiration

Luxury and elegant jewelry: Mexican silver jewel inspiration

Unique and luxury handmade silver pendant

elajoyas, exclusive jewelry, handmade jewelry

New luxury and unique jewelry designs by ela are inspired in the trips I make. When travelling I always try to learn the culture of the countries I visit, and buy antique jewelry that will inspire me when designing new handmade and unique jewelry.

During my stay in Can Cun [Mexico], I had the opportunity to travel to Taxco Guerrero in search of artisan jewelers and silversmiths. Taxco is known for its silversmiths and craftsmen who work the silver since ancient times, and make a very special and typical handmade jewelry.

What interested me the most were these silver lighters sleeves, each one handmade and decorated with different designs: Mayan designs, textural and smooth effects…

It was from this idea that I got the inspiration for a new exclusive jewelry design and transformed them into hanging silver sleeves, closing the mouth and adding a ring in order to pass a silver chain. To see all the different unique jewelry models and prices press here, and also join my facebook page

elajoyas, luxury jewelry, energetic jewelry, handmade jewelry

In each sleeve I add semi precious and precious stones such as a drop of pink opal, agate I got from my trips to India, jewelry pieces from Cordoba (Spain) where they are specialists in working the filigree with precious stones such as emerald, ruby, sapphire, turquoise beads, crystal, …

elajoyas, handmade jewelry, luxury jewelry

These elegant silver pendants allow you a wide variety of combinations of different stones, colors and shapes.

This type of luxury an unique jewelry you can wear it in winter (with a high neck) as well as in summer with a long hippie dress. You can go with a simple style where the necklace itself will give you life, or groomed as it will also give you a touch of elegance.

elajoyas, luxury jewelry, exclusive jewelry, handmade jewelry

How would you combine this unique handmade jewelry by ela with?

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