Luxury jewelry for intuitive and adventurous women

Luxury jewelry for intuitive and adventurous women

Luxury energetic jewelry. Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstone´s gem history

This elegant energetic gem known as Adularia or Selenite, is associated with the element water, and was very popular among the Romans, who believed that it was composed of moonlight rays.

Formerly it was said that amulets made of moonstone if hung on fruit helped produce abundant crops, and in India, moonstone is considered sacred and is dedicated to the goddess of the moon (Chandra).


“Protection for travelers”, moonstones were used as charms for those who had to make an unsafe not without dangers trip. It was said that this energetically powerful gemstone protected and guided.

Energetic properties of Moonstone

It´s the gemstone of women and new beginnings. It is associated with our feminine energy and rhythm of natural cycles (childhood, puberty, pregnancy, childbirth, lactation, menopause). It emanates fertility and is very powerful during the reproductive cycle.

As the name suggests, it is strongly connected to the moon, intuition and emotional stability. It is a reflective gem that as the moon waxes and wanes, it reminds us we are all part of a changing cycle.

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Moonstone makes conscious the unconscious, helps develop our intuition and sensitivity, and is a serene, balancing and harmonizing gemstone. It is considered the perfect antidote to the overly macho man or overly aggressive woman, because it balances male-female energies (yin / yang.)

From a psychological standpoint, Moonstone calms overreactions and is full of receptive energy.

Varieties, types and origins

Moonstone has a wide range of colors: white, milky cream, silver, yellow, blue and green. Its clarity can go from transparent to translucent. Varieties like rainbow blue flash have become very popular nowadays.

It is mainly found in Sri Lanka, South India and Australia. The rainbow variety can also be found in Madagascar.

What tipe of woman wears luxury moonstone jewelry?

Any woman that wants or is already pregnant and has begun to enjoy this special moment. Those who want to balance, harmonize and calm her power, and those who are about to embark on an adventure or a trip, as this gem guides and protects.

It is also perfect for women who have difficulty expressing what they have inside, helping to open our communication channel.

How to combine it?

Combined with a blue sapphire it calms anxiety. With a rose quartz it helps accepting parents and children, and with an amethyst it will help you develop your psychic abilities.

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Moonstone jewelry is perfect to combine with a relaxed casual look with a touch of elegance. Combine it with cotton leggings or with a Cashmere maxy sweater whose simple touch transmits serenity, softness and warmth.

It also combines well with all types of clothing as comfortable and sexy as lingerie and pijamas, and both day and night outfits .

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Do you consider yourself an intuitive and adventurous woman?. Do you want to get pregnant or you already are?. If yes, Moonstone is your gem.

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