Mandala jewelry

Elajoyas introduces this new Mandala luxury jewelry collection together with the Byzantine jewelry, Pure Stone jewelry and Men jewelry ones.

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The Mandala is a Sanskrit´s stone introduced to the West y Carl Gustav Jung. “Manda” means essence, “la” means creation, and it´s circular shape suggests totality, unity and eternity.

In western societies you find fabulous examples in gothic rosettes and in the domes of renaissance churches. Both the buddhists and the hindus use the Mandala for relaxation techniques.

For elajoyas Mandala means the essence of unity creation in its entirety. Elajoyas creates this Mandala unique jewelry collection using noble metals such as silver and gold that may sometimes appear alone or combined depending on the jewel. Elajoyas also carves the Mandala directly on semi-precious stones such as the turquoise, amethyst, agate, jade and hematite. Read the following posts to see some examples:

In each Mandala´s center (being this center the essence of the design), elajoyas uses precious and semi-precious stones, and chooses them depending on each design and on the energetic properties the Client wants the jewel to have.

Price ranges for this luxury jewelry collection are (275 to 3.200 Eur). Final prices depend on the metal (gold, silver, platinum) and precious or semi-precious stones choosen.

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