Pure Stone Jewelry

Elajoyas introduces this new Pure Stone luxury jewelry collection together with the Byzantine jewelry, Mandala jewelry and Men jewelry ones.

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Gemstones are one of Nature´s present. We could even say they are the DNA and the energy and power carriers.

Fascinated about this, I decided to investigate about body made stones where the stones used to make them would depend on eachs body´s mood. It was then that I discovered the wide, magic and marvelous world of gemstones energetic powers and decided to start designing luxury and unique jewelry. Read the following articles to see some unique pure stone jewelry designs:

In elajoyas unique jewelry collections there had to be one whose main protagonist was the Stone. This is why I created this Pure Stone Collection.

In this Pure Stone jewelry collection, elajoyas´s focus is the power and inner essence of the Stone´s color, shape and size.

The protagonist of this elegant and captivating collection is the Stone´s energetic properties, which is always reinforced by an exclusive, customized, detailed and high quality design.

Price ranges for this elegant and fresh jewelry collection are (375 to 5.600 Eur). Final prices depend on the metal (gold, silver, platinum) and gemstones choosen.

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