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Best luxury and unique jewelry: The Golden Fleece (Toisón de Oro)

Repairing luxury jewelry: brilliants, rubis and diamond

I just had the pleasure and honor of receiving a top luxury jewelry commission.

The Golden Fleece, is considered one of the most distinguished jewel condecorations of the world. Having this wonderful unique jewelry in my hands has been an absolute luxury and pleasure.

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New luxury jewelry collection: Byzantine gold and silver rings

Byzantine oxidized silver and gold rings

This post introduces my new 2012 luxury jewelry collection. The two elegant and unique gold rings I talk about, belong to the new elajoyas Byzantine collection. They both were shown last week by Mercedes Milá at a major Spanish TV show.

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Luxury and elegant jewelry: Mexican silver jewel inspiration

Unique and luxury handmade silver pendant

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New luxury and unique jewelry designs by ela are inspired in the trips I make. When travelling I always try to learn the culture of the countries I visit, and buy antique jewelry that will inspire me when designing new handmade and unique jewelry. Read more