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Luxury handmade jewelry design: elegant energetic brooch

New luxury jewelry by ela: Brooch-Pendant

This is a new handmade unique jewel designed by ela. From my traditional luxury jewelry transformations, I got the idea of ​​giving more than one use to a very elegant jewel.  I had a sterling silver handmade pendant that could also be used as a brooch.

For my mandala handmade jewelry collection, I had designed handmade necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Then, why not a beautiful pendant – brooch?

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Luxury jewelry: exclusive handcrafted designs – energetic and therapeutic

Designing custom energetic jewelry.

This luxury jewel design is a perfect example of custom and elegant energetic and therapeutic jewelry.

As a luxury jewelry designer, the first thing is to choose the gemstones that perfectly feet the design and energetic needs. For this jewel commission I decided to use 2 gemstones whose energetic and therapeutic properties were perfect for the Client’s ailments.

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