Women talismans. Bulgari and Tiffany´s fine jewelry collections

Women talismans. Bulgari and Tiffany´s fine jewelry collections

Bulgari and Tiffany, fine jewelry talismans.

In past articles I´ve showed you three collections of fine jewelry pieces considered real talismans and I have also spoken about the moonstone, a gem considered a true protective amulet for pregnant and adventurous women.

To finish these series of articles on fine jewelry charms here you have two more unique examples.


Tradition and Centennial “savoir-faire” are the themes of this prestigious fine jewelry Italian firm. The fusion of tradition and modernity make every Bulgari jewel a piece of unique and innovative style with true talisman quality, excellence and above all a high level of integrity in the origin of the stones. This is a great example to follow at a humanitarian level.

Of its countless collections, for this article I choose to show you the majestic Serpenti one. This fine jewelry collection, is considered one of the symbols of this firm. It symbolizes sin and lies, but also fertility and wisdom.

Bulgari serpenti, elajoyas

I´ve opted for this stunning piece made of diamond and ruby. Energetically speaking the diamond is a symbol of purity, is considered a sign of commitment and loyalty, and it increases the energy of anything with which it comes in contact with.

Bulgaru serpenti rubí, elajoyas

The Ruby is an excellent stone for activating energies. It imparts vigor and energy, balancing and enhancing the passion for life. I guess you now understand why I´ve chosen this wonderful jewel.


It all started 170 years ago “only”. Tiffany and Co is the story of an empire whose feet are rendered to good taste and elegance lovers. Currently, the designs of this American firm are strongly linked to artisan designer Elsa Peretti, whose designs normally surprise.

Tiffany llaves, elajoyas

I want to remark the famous old hearts and their latest collection called “Full Heart”.

Did you know that diamonds worn by Audrey Hepburn were the most coveted of the moment, not only for their light flashes, but also as a symbol of commitment, loyalty, and abundance?

Tiffani llaves, elajoyas

I want to finish this article including the famous Tiffany´s keys, since they are a real and symbolic magic talisman. A collection of pendants full of intrigue and seduction thanks to its wide variety of shapes, gems, and chains where you can hang the key of life, the key of love, the key for woman…

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